Bar Attachment Denture Dental Implants/Teeth in a Day

As far as tooth replacement options are concerned, removable dentures have been the treatment of choice for many patients who are missing or at risk of losing all of the natural teeth. Although traditional dentures may not be the most comfortable or durable alternative for replacing missing teeth, they have been widely popular in the sense that they are generally available in as little as one appointment.

In the last decades, dental implants have surpassed dentures and partials as the ideal tooth replacement solution. Still, many edentulous patients are unable or unwilling to consider a single implant for every lost tooth, nor are they able to endure the standard 4-6 month healing period required for a traditional implant. Therefore, patients that may have benefited from dental implants had opted for a less than satisfactory alternative.

Since the introduction and success of the Bar Attachment Denture dental implant technique, many patients are now able to receive the dental implants that they deserve and the replacement teeth that they need in as little as one day. In a single dental visit, edentulous patients who may not have been good candidates for traditional implants can now walk away with a confident and secure set of teeth. These new teeth are fully functional and strong enough to support normal biting and chewing from the moment they are placed.

With the placement of four titanium dental implants by your implant dentist, your denture will be firmly attached to your jaw bone, increasing you level of comfort and security when eating or speaking. As an advantage of the implants, bone loss and deterioration of the jaw bone is diminished. Therefore, the denture will continue to fit comfortably without the need for adjustments or adhesives.

The fact that the Bar Attachment Denture replacement teeth are a permanent solution may be the most exciting advantage of all. Unlike traditional dentures, the Bar Attachment Denture concept means that the denture is permanently anchored to the implants. You will be able to eat with your new teeth, brush and floss thoroughly, and even sleep without ever risking your friends and family seeing you without your teeth! If you are ready to discuss you future with dental implants, call our office in Pittsburgh at 412-391-3003 or Moon Township at 412-262-1001