Dental Implant or Bridge

For a healthy self-image, you owe it to yourself to seek the highest level of healthcare. This includes excellent oral hygiene and replacing missing teeth. With tooth replacement, you have a choice: dental implant or bridge. You may be familiar with the bridge as a restorative option, but you may not be knowledgeable about the details of the procedure. The dental implant is a solid alternative, and an option that most closely duplicates your natural tooth.

A bridge is a framework on which a false tooth is suspended between two dental crowns (or caps). The two healthy teeth on either side of the gap must be ground down to secure the bridge. The crowns cover the teeth that are ground down, and the false tooth sits in the space created by the missing tooth. It does not replace the tooth root, which can lead to bone loss, and it is not removable, requiring special floss-threaders for proper cleaning.

From an esthetic standpoint, a dental implant looks amazingly similar to a natural tooth. More importantly, it replaces the entire missing tooth and root, preserving the underlying bone. Implants also preserve your natural tooth structure; there is no need to grind down neighboring teeth for support. The implant is made from a highly biocompatible material, called titanium, which firmly fuses to the bone for strength and stability. Like a bridge, the implant is a permanent restoration, but since it is free-standing, it requires no special equipment for your oral hygiene routine.

The choice to replace a missing tooth it is a decision that will be with you every day. With all the facts, you can make the most informed judgment. For your tooth replacement needs in Pittsburgh, Dr. Garry J. Bloch, an experienced implant dentist, can assist you in making the right choice.