Dental Implants: A great remedy for tooth loss

Pittsburgh implant dentist

Patients in need of a tooth replacement often want a device that is indistinguishable from the biological teeth right next to it.

Working with an implant dentist can help patients achieve that goal. Dental implants offer superior appearance and performance when compared to alternatives for tooth replacements like bridges and dentures.

The prosthetic crowns or arches that are anchored in place by the dental implant can be crafted to blend in with the rest of a patient’s smile. When an implant is well-done, it can be nearly impossible for an observer to detect the artificial tooth.

Although many patients initially turn to dental implants for aesthetic reasons, the real value of the devices lies in the structure that is hidden from view, embedded in the jawbone.

When placing dental implants, the implant dentist inserts the titanium screw-like structures directly into the jawbone. As the patient heals from that procedure, the implants fuse with the bone and become a fixture in the jaw.

That osseointegration process helps dental implants to stabilize the jaw, which can atrophy in the absence of the tooth roots that usually serve as anchors. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement method that fills in for the entire structure, not just the visible crown portion of the tooth.

Consequently, dental implants have the kind of stability that is unmatched by alternatives. When cared for properly, dental implants can last for decades.

At the same time, dental implants stand alone and do not need support from surrounding teeth. Bridges, on the other hand, require that crowns be placed on the adjacent teeth, sacrificing healthy tooth enamel.

Because dental implants are not connected to other teeth, it’s easier to care for them, too. Patients can brush and floss dental implants just as they do with their natural teeth. It’s important for these patients to maintain a good oral hygiene routine to reduce the oral bacteria that may compromise the dental implants.

Patients who are in need of tooth replacement should explore dental implants as a solution. Call our Pittsburgh office at 412-391-3003 or our Moon Township office at 412-262-1001 to schedule your consultation.