Increase Your Quality of Life with Dental Implants

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Strong. Esthetically pleasing. Preserves bone. Durable. Versatile. Comfortable. Low maintenance. There has been a long list of claims supporting dental implants over the last 30 years. Together, these claims present a very accurate picture of the advantages of implant dentistry. In fact, these terms describe the many ways in which dental implants can improve your overall quality of life.

As an option for tooth replacement, dental implants have stood the test of time as an effective and high performing prosthetic solution. Your implant dentist can customize dental implants to suit your needs in virtually every situation. Whether you are missing an individual natural tooth or are completely edentulous, dental implants are the ideal solution for most every patient.

To define a term such as “quality of life” as it relates to prosthetic dentistry, it is important to visualize how your tooth replacement choice will affect your daily life. Dental implants are designed to enhance your normal routine rather than interrupt it. Implants will not shift or move in the mouth as you speak, eat, and smile. There are no removable components to contend with each day. And there are no special homecare products to purchase for maintenance.

The overwhelming majority of patients who choose dental implants have noticed that the implants have increased the stability of their bite, provided balance to their smile, and restored their confidence in dentistry. It is possible to have replacement teeth that are comfortable, natural, and dependable.

The long-term advantages of implant dentistry are also very impressive. By virtue of the relationship between the dental implant and the jaw bone, bone loss is prevented and the neighboring teeth are supported. This preserves the integrity of the bone structure and the appearance of the facial profile. These advantages can be observed over the lifetime of the dental implant, since the implant does not need to be replaced periodically like traditional dentures and partials.

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