Sinus Lift Instructions

A sinus lift procedure regains lost bone height in the area of your upper first and second molar and occasionally your second bicuspid.  It allows an implant to be placed in a site that otherwise would not be possible because of insufficient bone height due to an enlarged sinus.

Following a sinus lift you must avoid blowing your nose for several weeks. Do not sneeze holding your nose and try to sneeze only with your mouth open.  Do not drink with straws and do not spit.  Avoid any other activity that causes increased pressure in your nasal cavity, such as heavy lifting, flying in pressurized aircraft, scuba diving, blowing up balloons and playing certain musical instruments.

Sinus Lift Procedure Preparation

Begin an over the counter oral decongestant, such as Drixoral, Dimetapp, or Sudafed and a nasal spray three days prior to your procedure. This will help reduce pressure and drainage from the sinuses. Please continue this until protocol until otherwise advised. Please inform the staff if you already use any of these medications. Smoking should be discontinued.  If necessary, Dr. Bloch can prescribe  smoking cessation aids.