Should I Replace a Missing Tooth?

Did you know that one of your jawbone’s primary functions is to support your teeth? In fact, without the stimulation of the tooth roots, the volume of the bone can decrease significantly. The loss of volume can create a sagging or sunken appearance to your facial profile, since a full jaw and the corresponding teeth provide critical support for your lips and cheeks.

If you are wondering about the urgency or necessity of replacing missing teeth, you should be well aware of the consequences of tooth loss.

In addition to a dramatic change in your facial features, your chewing efficiency may be greatly diminished. The top and bottom teeth must come together for proper chewing and digestion. When trying to compensate for missing teeth, you may be forced to chew on only one side or settle for inefficient chewing.

Unilateral, or one-sided, chewing can contribute to undue strain on the jaw joint as well as the teeth. Both the teeth and the joint may be found to show premature signs of wear, leading to irreversible damage and possible sensitivity.

Tooth replacement is also a reasonable solution if you wish to prevent the shifting or crowding of your remaining teeth. The alignment of your teeth depends on a close relationship between each of the neighboring teeth. If even a single tooth is missing, its neighbors may lose the support that they need to remain in position. Ultimately, drifting and crowding can lead to an uneven bite and challenges when it comes to controlling plaque.

Ideally, a missing tooth should always be replaced with the most effective alternative. In most cases, that tooth replacement alternative is the dental implant. It’s the solution that functions, feels, and looks most like the original tooth. It doesn’t compromise the integrity of your remaining teeth and it’s designed to stay in place for a lifetime.

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